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Pick up the bride Ceremony is another Vietnamese Traditional Ceremony beside “Ask for the bride” Ceremony.

The Ceremony normally is held on the same day with the wedding. Like any ceremony in Vietnam, the day to hold the ceremony should be chosen by both families based on advise from a fortune teller.

The groom and his family will come to the bride’s house and ask her parents  permission to bring the bride home. After receiving the permission,  he enters her room to accompany her out. Together they light up incense at her family’s altar to pay tribute to ancestors. Once stepping on the  weddingcar to groom’s house, from the customary perspective, she’s officially left behind her single life. She will follow her husband to his home. 

The bride and her family will be welcomed by the family’groom. The couple greets the groom’family as husband and wife.  Members from two families will sit down and may have some talks to know more about each other before heading to hotel or restaurant for wedding ceremony .

On this day. the house of the groom will be decorated beautifully. Still, red is one of the main color that is chosen in the decoration for the day as Vietnamese people believe red is sign of luck which is important for a happy wedding.

The ceremony below was held at the beginning of 2015.

The couple wanted to have a private, intimate ceremony at the yard of their house. To create an elegant and sophisticated look for the ceremony, we chose red and white as the main colors in decoration. 
Though this is a Vietnamese traditional ceremony, we tried to bring a modern touch to the decoration as you can tell from the materials and the way that we decorate the tables.


Private Couple




A traditional "Pick up the bride" Ceremony


Private house

Number of guests