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Trung&Giang have a dream 5-year love story with which we envy so much, they came to know each other from college and since then they have never been apart. Trung and Giang also made us surprised for their young and free spirit, they wanted a small wedding party where their beloveds and friends can enjoy the celebration without the feeling of a formal ceremony & crowded & noisy reception. Games & interactive activities were the key of the night, as the couple wished, the participation of the guests and their enjoyment along the party flow were among the most significant things we have tried to bring about for this celebration.

At first, we had just thought of having a traditional wedding ceremony in a big ballroom as usual. However, after joining a small but cozy and unique wedding which was organized and run by bythuongtran(*) team, we started thinking about having another small party for our beloveds. We decided to have a small party of about 100 guests – our families and best friends and believed it would be the best night of our life.

Great thanks to bythuongtran(*) team for staying with us and bringing our dream to the reality. Their caring and understanding not only made us satisfied but also surprised us by the best ideas for the day. It would have been a disaster if we hadn’t had them as our wedding planner because we were too busy at that time. They did everything for us, from very small things as location, drink, sound & lighting, decoration, ..  to important things as wedding program, games & entertainement... We cannot forget that memorable night with tight hugs, big laughs and wishes in a very lovely atmosphere. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Thank bythuongtran(*) team once again. You guys were absolutely a part of that wonderful night."


Giang Lê & Khưu Trung


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