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The wedding of Linh & James was held on a sunny day with blue sky and waves lapping on the shore. We could not ask for a better day to hold a beach wedding in Danang.

James is a London guy while Linh is a typical Hanoi woman. They all have that calm and relaxing vibe which makes a them nice couple.

The bride – Linh was not sure of the concept of the wedding but she was certain that she has a thing for warm colors, something vibrant and bright. The wedding planner of her wedding – is Quynh Anh – the youngest wedding planner in our team, was quickly got to know what would be the best for Linh and James’ wedding.

Linh is reading letter from James, prior to their ceremony.

After few talks, Quynh Anh suggested them a vibrant tropical themed wedding. The reason was clear, a tropical theme wedding is perfect for a beach wedding and adding vibrant colors rather than just green would bring a delightful vibe to the wedding.

Quynh Anh’s idea was to balance between Linh’s preference for a vibrant, floral wedding while adding some characteristic to it. Our florist used different types of flowers and combined it with palm leaves – a nice concept for a beach wedding in a tropical country.

Linh walked into her dinner reception with full of excitement and she did not get disappointment.

“I worked with Quynh Anh for 11 months in preparation for my dream wedding. We talked almost every day discussing about the color, theme, flowers, stationery, programme flow and every tiny little thing regarding the wedding. It felt to me that Quynh Anh was more like a maid of honor whom I entrusted my wedding with and someone who really put her heart to the job." 

Flowers in hot tone colors, fairy lights and hanging center pieces for a warm night, this modern romantic decoration will get you in the mood for love.

The whole space was brightened up with fairy lights and flowers blooming on the table.





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