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The couple was introduced to us by a mutual friend of our wedding planner - Van Nguyen and the bride. Like many of our clients, the couple are international citizens as they are living and moving alot between countries.  Our bride - Ngoc Huyen is a smart, sophisticated girl with strong personality.She was born in Hanoi, Vietnam but has been living and studying in the UK for several years.

Huyen met her lifetime partner - Ngoc Quyen in Vietnam - who is Vietnamese but was born and raised in Switzerland. Before meeting Ngoc Huyen, he nearly cant not communicate in Vietnamese but then to know more about Vietnam and to be able to talk with her in her mother language, Ngoc Quyen tried to improve his Vietnamese.

They have been together for 4 years and half of the time they were in a distance relationship. However, their love for each other has been nurtured greater than ever. The couple travelled to many countries together such as: Vietnam, France, Japan, England, Switerzerland,....   

Like many other girls, Huyen has always dreamt of becoming a princess in her wedding. To make her dream come true, we came up with the concept "Little Princess's Secret Garden" for her wedding. Huyen is a little princess living in her own spectacular secret garden, waiting for the prince to come and live happily forever after ...



Ngoc Huyen & Ngoc Quyen




The Little Princess's Secret Garden


Pullman Hotel Hanoi

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