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The couple met us just nearly a month before their wedding. Due to their busy working schedule, they did not have much time to plan their wedding but they still wanted to have a beautiful, memorable wedding. Linh told us she wanted to have a cosy outdoor wedding with 200 guests.  

đám cưới ngoài trời tại  Marriott Hanoi Hotel

Their guests are all above 30 and they all have high profiles. Our challenge is to create a nice wedding decoration concept which is elegant, formal and intimate at the same time. We came up with a wedding using 3 colors including: red, navy and gold. Red is used as the main color to create a warm, delightful atmosphere. 

cổng hoa đám cưới

Linh and Thuyet also wanted to use a picture of their hands together as a heart shape in their wedding. Since, the picture means a lot to them, we turned it into a logo and placed it right at the centre of the wedding stage. 

trang trí sân khấu lễ cưới ngoài trời

trang trí lễ cưới ngoài trời ở Marriott Hanoi

set up bàn tiệc ngoài trời



Nhat Linh & Dang Thuyet




Elegant, Formal Outdoor Wedding


Marriott Hanoi Hotel

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