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The wedding of Tam & Patrick was hold on a beautiful sunny day in Da Lat. Among the pine trees, when the sun shines through the leaves, we found ourselves couldn’t feel happier to witness one of the most memorable moments in the lives of Tam and Patrick. And the fact, that we had planned to make this moment come true for so long also did make us feel thrilled when seeing everything happened smoothly, perfectly.  

Tam and Patrick is a beautiful couple in both terms of their appearance and their love for each other. Van – the wedding planner of their wedding was deeply impressed with Tam and what she shared about their expectation for the wedding and for the wedding planner that showed her sophisticated sense of aesthetic, also showed her calmness and typical characteristics of a gentle & charming Vietnamese girl. As Patrick lives in the UK, he hides a decent and thoughtful mind behind a good sense of humour, which made us feel very interesting and challenging at the same time!

We will not say much about the decoration as you all can feel that through beautiful pictures that Indie took for the wedding. Tam & Patrick did not want something fancy and extravagant, their smartness in allocating their budget in the appropriate decorative items finally brought a wonderful effect to the whole picture and every single detail. Ana Mandara carries it’s own beauty that extra decoration should only play the role of a support, not to turn the venue into something new. Although we have played with blush pink in natural garden theme for many times before, this time we still found much inspiration and excitement in creating a simple yet subtle designs for the couple and Home Garden did not fail to turn the ideas into a reality that went beyond Tam’s expectation.

About the flow their wedding, It was such a standard. To make sure that all the guests had no chance to feel bored at their wedding, Tam & Patrick and Van – the wedding planner in this project had worked so hard on every single details of the wedding. Van designed the flow that guests would experience all the stages of emotion that a wedding should have, but at the same time they would feel comfortable and relaxing enough.

The ceremony started at 4pm when Sunshine was sweeping over the hill, creating a picturesque scene that Đá - talented photographer from Indie Photography successfully captured. Kyron, a best friend of Patrick was chosen to be the celebrant, together with 70 guests witnessed the marriage in the utmost blissfulness. After the ceremony, the cocktail hour under the warm spring Sun featuring the jazzy soul voice of Bob - solo guitarist and vocalist during one hour did turn the whole atmosphere into a cosy and romantic scene of something we only see in a movie.

Dinner with 6 courses that Tam & Patrick had carefully picked for the guests allowed them to enjoy the Vietnamese food prepared by Ana’s chef, with Bob’s singing their most favorite songs while enjoying also the 7 speeches (wow!) from both the couple and their beloveds. Normally, 7 speeches during dinner is a challenge, a risk that might cause boredom for dinnertime, but no, that is not the case for this wedding. We were quite surprised with the attention and appreciation that the guests gave to the speakers, and not to mention the beautiful words of the speech, we understand that this is one of the highlights in our career that will later inspire us in many coming weddings we will plan in the future. 

Tâm was really amazed when entering the room for dinner reception. She said it was exactly like what she had visioned, all the decorations were beautifuly set up. Got to see this facial expression from the bride is one of the most rewarding moments to us as a wedding planner ! 

Anh Đá - the photographer caught these amazing beautiful romantic moments of Tam & Patrick while they were preaparing for the first dance.

We used to think that there should be 3 -4 speeches for a dinner time otherwise, guests would feel bored. But no, the speakers from Tam & Patrick's wedding had put their hearts into their speeches, all speeches are well prepared: fun, interesting and very meaningful! 

Patrick surprised Tam with his singing - All about you by McFly. How sweet!

We have always believed that the wedding dress will reflect exactly the personality of the bride. And this time, the wedding dress of Tam is so “her”: elegant, subtle and very charming,

Talking about the most beautiful moments in the wedding, we could miss this one – the first dance performance. One of the moments that Tam shined brightly was when they did the first dance. We have always been talking about the meaning of the first dance in a wedding, and always encourage our couples to try to practise the moment showing the best of their love. Just as the title of the first dance track, Tam & Patrick’s first dance was “Perfect”, not about their dancing skill, but about their harmony in every move, every loving gesture, every gentle look they gave to their partner. also dedicate a big applause to Tam’s wedding gown for being simple and humble enough, gorgeous and graceful enough, while being completely shining in every of her move and swing in the dance, that was one of the most beautiful and memorable scenes staying in our mind as her wedding planner, and in all the guests as they think about the couple’s Big Day.

The night ended with a sparkle photo shoot, and a fabulous first dance, kicking off the party until midnight that led to the long stories for the couple & their friends to talk about in the next days. At the end of the day, we as the organizer did not even feel tired but very excited and emotion-filled.

Spring in Dalat is a miracle. Just to stay in the Sun while breathing in the smell of herbs and pine trees can make us love each other more and more, make us feel the peace, the romance and the meaning of our lives more thoroughly. We just cannot wait to share with you our coming projects in this little town, stay tuned and don’t forget to drop by out site for more lovable stories.


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