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Thuy Vi is no doubt one of the most loveliest brides that we have met so far. She has known The Planners from the days that we were working under the name bythuongtran. Vi said that she had always kept an eye on bythuongtran and though back in the day, she wasn’t sure when she would get married but she knew for sure that The Planners would be her wedding planner. And finally, the day came and she contacted us right away.

Vi is always bright and friendly which makes the whole wedding planning process became much more comfortable and easy for us as a wedding planner. It is interesting that we worked via instant messages and emails and met each other in real life only 3 days before the wedding but we – the whole The Planners team feel like we had been friends for years. We met Vi and her husband at The Cliff Resort where their wedding was held. She hugged and greeted us like close friends, which makes us immediately like this girl more.

Vi has been living in Australia ever since she was a little kid. And though, she is not that fluent in Vietnamese , her heart is for the country. Vi wanted to hold her dream wedding at her mother land. To make sure that everything is prepared and planned perfectly, Vi contacted us a year and a half before the wedding.  Most of the works including choosing the venue, creating the concept of the wedding, and preparing traveling and accommodation and for the guests were discussed and done via emails and messages.

Our wedding planners - Van Nguyen and Linh Ngo had a quick visit at their room with a smaill gift one day before the wedding

What Vi wanted was a nice beach wedding, not luxurious but definitely intimate, romantic and affordable.  After a lot of discussion on the venue, we agreed that Mui Ne is the perfect venue for her destination wedding. In comparison with Da Nang or Nha Trang, the cost for accommodations in Mui Ne is quite lower with wide range of choices for resorts and hotels.

On the rehearsal day, Vi and her bridesmaid couldn’t hold their tears – the tears of joy and happiness.  They laughed and cried together at the same time, which moved us a lot as we can saw and felt the real love and blessings all over the place.

The couple did surprise the guest with a fun and upbeat first dance . They even dressed in Vietnamese traditional costumes : Áo Dài for the dinner.

The wedding went on smoothly with some moving speeches from their families and friends and ended with a fun group dance.

To Vi & Martyn, We wish you all the best on your married life.  Please, be happy forever <3


Thuy Vi & Martyn




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