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The betrothal ceremony and the wedding ceremony of Thu Hang and Anh Tuan were held in the very first days of March 2016, after Tet Holiday.

When we made the site inspection at Hang’ s house, things that drawed our attention were paintings hagging on the walls around her house and a lot of sophisticated porcelains kept in cup boards. Some of them are antique. When asked, they said those art pieces are gifts from her father’s  friends.

The house somehow brings back the feel of Hanoi in old times. It inspired us to decide the concept of her betrothal based on interior of the house. Florists did take adavantage of the difference in shapes of the porcelains to create a nice and harmonized decoration.


Hanoi at that time was covered with the cold and peach blossom.
For that, we think there is no other way but to use peach blossom - the symbolic flower of Spring as one of the main flowers in the decoration.

Cũng bởi lẽ đó, chúng tôi đã lựa chọn concept trang trí cho lễ ăn hỏi và đón dâu của cô sao cho phù hợp với nội thất, hài hòa với bầu không khí có chút gì đó  mang hơi hướng Hà Nội những năm xưa cũ của căn nhà.

In the wedding ceremony, as their sugggestion, to reminisce the memories of England where they fell in love with each other, we make a photobooth with pictures related to the country.

Tại lễ cưới chính thức của Hằng và Tuấn, theo sự gợi ý của cặp đôi, chúng tôi đã dựng nên một photobooth gợi nhắc tới nơi mà họ đã học tập và yêu thương nhau.

The ballroom were frozen for a moment when the bride walked in and we saw a happy smile on the groom’s face.

And that was enough to make us once again feel satisfied with what what we are doing.


Thu Hằng & Anh Tuấn




Spring Blossom


House/ Melia Hotel

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