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The weather in Danang was a little unpredicted last year with sudden rains in dry season. To an outdoor wedding, weather is like the biggest enemy as well as a best friend at the same time. With nice weather, everything goes smoothly but just a small change like a sudden rain few minutes before the wedding ceremony. Things can be changed completely. However, thanks to unexpected bad weather in Danang last year, our planning skill and problem solving skill have sharpened very well.

And the wedding of Kelly and Kenny was one of the best proof for that. In the initial plan, their wedding ceremony and the dinner reception were supposed to be held outside but in just few minutes before the wedding, the plan was changed. The question at that time was whether or not we should keep the wedding ceremony outside. . We got to come up with a quick decision in a very short amount of time. After years of planning destination wedding, we are proudly to say that our ability in predicting weather got better with time and a quick decision was made  “We will keep The wedding ceremony outdoor and the dinner reception needs to be moved inside”

Finally, the wedding ceremony went well under the dull sky but it just fits perfectly to the mood of the wedding and Duc Anh from Hipster Wedding had best pictures of it.

Kelly had a vision of a greenery wedding. She is not that fond of flowers for her wedding and we love her idea. It was a botanical rustic themed wedding and we managed to turn it into an classy elegant rustic wedding instead of a casual one.

Look at the beautiful decoration for the dinner reception in the Bamboo Hall. We bet you cant tell this is just a backup plan. Actually, it is even better than the initial plan.

Testimonial from Kelly – the bride:

“Hi Van - we wouldn’t have such beautiful flowers and decoration if it wasn’t for your and the team’s hard work. Thank you to you and the team for all your help on the wedding, we are so glad we had you to help - the wedding would have definitely not been what it was if we only had the Naman team. Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful weddings you guys plan in the future and wishing you on going success with the business. Love, Kelly"


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