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Each person may have different vision about their wedding but all of them wants to make sure that everything turns out as great as they imagine it to be. Sometimes we think that the wedding planner is like a genie. They listen to the couple’s wishes but they will not do exactly what they have been told to do. Instead of that, they give advises, they talk to find out what the couple needs and what is perfect for them, what reflects the couple’s personality the most. And then they gradually make every little wish into reality, including those thíngs that the couple haven’t said or knew that they would need it.

Having said that nothing makes a wedding planner happier than earning the trust from the couple. Planning a wedding could be a joy or a nightmare depends on how much the couple and the wedding planner trust each other. And this time, we had one of the most loving, enjoyable planning process ever with Linh and Michael.

The couple contacted us 2 years before the wedding and we haven’t met until the wedding day. During the whole journey, Linh – the bride has showed nothing but great respect and trust to her wedding planner – Van. We appreciate her trust a lot since it gives us the confidence as well as the motivation to try harder and to seek for better solutions so that we wouldn’t make her disappointed.

The wedding has a lot of the “first time things”. And thanks to her trust in us, everything went well as we expect it to be.

The couple came back to Vietnam and decided to have a beach wedding in Nha Trang. They love beach, the sand and the crystal clear sky in this beautiful city. 

This is the first time that we work with Royal Swans for the decoration and they have done a very great job, turning our ideas into reality.

It was a beautiful day with high sky in Nha Trang. The sun gave us some tanning kisses but it did not matter at all. 


Instead of having the dinner outside, the couple wanted to have a warm dinner inside the ballroom of the resort. This is also the first time we bring a marquee inside a ball room to create a warm and some kind of "outdoor wedding vibe" to the indoor wedding reception dinner.

Above all, the thing that matters the most is the happy smile on the face of our bride and groom. 

Planning and Concept by The Planners
Decoration by Royal Swans


Linh & Michael




Destination Wedding in Nha Trang


Vinpearl Hon Gai Nha Trang

Number of guests