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My - the bride is a Vietnamese while her husband - Cyril is a French. They met and fell in love with each other in Vietnam. My is one of the most special brides we have ever worked with. She is determined, strong and decisive, at the same time charming & fashionable.

The experience in working with My during 5 months of planning her wedding did inspire us much, we not only helped her to bring her dream wedding to reality, but also were with her through many ups and downs to really find out what would make our bride the most content and satisfied.


After having inspected a lot of venues in Hanoi to host a small-sized wedding in a perfect 20s theme & atmosphere, we found out that nowhere can be more suitable than Sofitel Metropole, a typical classic colonial-styled estate. The wedding is not only special because of the theme, but also much meaningful due to the presence of My & Cyril’s - her husband’s - children, and also 80% of the guests coming from Europe & other countries. We found ourselves in a full inspiration of creating an intimate and cozy wedding celebration, where the couple, their families, friends and all beloveds were surrounded by happiness, love and treasury moments.

No matter how many times we witnessed the vows exchange, we are still touched by their love and promises they made to each other. It is great to see how love connects people no matter where they are from or what language they speak. True love is beyond languages and boundaries. And it lasts forever. 


My & Cyril


Vietnamese / French


The 20s themed Wedding


Sofitel Metropole Hanoi

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