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Nhi - our bride - is definitely a ray of sunshine. Bright, active and bubbly are the words for this girl. One of the prettiest gifts when being a wedding planner is that after each wedding, you will have new friends, new connections. Especially, when the bride is a friendly and caring lady like Nhi.

Touching moments in their Pick-up the bride Ceremony, Nhi was looking for her dad to say goodbye before officially moving in the groom's house. 

Almost one year after their wedding, we finally had a lunch date with Nhi and talked about their wedding. We talked a lot about how their life has changed after the wedding but mostly, we talked about the wedding planning process, how fun it was, how she had devoted all her mind and time planning her dream wedding with us. There were so many lovely moments that we still remember clearly about their wedding day. Like when Phuong arrived Nhi's house to pick up his bride, Nhi was waving at him through the window and they exchanged the sweetest look ever or those touching moments that she had with her father or when they gave that long passionate kiss on the stage... Each moment in the wedding has become beautiful memories that as Nhi said "still got me emotional whenever I think about it"

In their three and a half year of being in love, they had overcome many struggles of a long distance relationship. While Nhi was living in Singapore, Phuong started his career in Hanoi. Every other two weeks, Phuong made a flight to Singapore and spent his whole weekend with his love there. Time and distance did not break them a part but only make their love stronger.


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