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Our lovely bride - Thu loves mint and peach. During two months working as her wedding planner as well as her best friend, we understand more about her personality and her wishes for her big day. An intimate yet romantic engagement ceremony with the theme colours are peach and mint have been planned perfectly. From little details to the overall concept all depict exactly her personality: sophisticated, romantic, pure and warm....



Some lovely words from the bride:

"On the day that I met Thuong, I was so sure that my wedding would be planned by her team. During my spare time, I always visit bythuongtran's fanpage just to update and take a look at their' latest project. Though the concept of each wedding is different, the classy and unique of each always satisfy us - the brides.

And, then, my big day is coming....

All the preparation was done in 2 months. The team succeed in making my dream come true and still made it fit my budget.

10 days before the big day, the schedule was changed and thank to their big effort and dedication - Vân, Linh and bythuongtran's team tried their best to support me. And finally, everything went well. The team held an intimate wedding for me. And my fairy tale has begun...."
So thankful <3


Phuong Thu & Quoc Khanh


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Rustic Peachy Engagement Ceremony


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