A BIG thank to The Planners Team for our beautiful, festive and emotional Wedding! We got what we wanted in our wedding: everybody had their good and memorial time! A super special appreciation to Thành & Quỳnh Anh for being the cutest, understanding and talented Wedding Planners we can ever ask for. The decoration from Quynh Anh was so incredible that we were surprised ourselves. Even though we saw it on the mood board before, we were still amazed by how accurate and beautiful all of the details turned out to be. Thành was very supportive, always listened to the bride and helped a lot in creating a timeline where we and the guests all had fun sharing many beautiful moments together.

Above all, thank you Team for going through this journey with us, being understanding and knowing things that the couple didn’t know how to express. The “Love On Top” theme was one of them. Those little details like that are what make the Planners Team the best for us.