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About us

The Planners is a full-service wedding planning and consultancy firm that creates extraordinary celebrations for clients from all over the world. Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, The firm serves local and overseas clients who value professional assistance in planning their weddings in locations across Vietnam and outside the country.

We are passionate about helping couples create memorable weddings that reflect their personality, vision, and dream for their celebration and the journey thereafter. The Planners customizes each and every wedding elements, from start to finish, to bring our clients the most unique, meaningful and ever-lasting memories. We understand an incredible wedding goes beyond great decoration; it is about the atmosphere, and most importantly – the emotions experienced by the bride, the groom, and their loved ones.

If you can dream it, you can do it

Have been recognized as one of the first wedding planners in Vietnam, known as bythuongtran for 6 years, we have gained certain reputation and solid experiences in wedding planning and consultancy. Now, with a view to broadening business and giving higher quality services to our clients, we would like to be perceived as The Planners who brings professional assistance in consulting, planning and executing events. As Walt Disney said If you can dream it, you can do it, our works have helped many brides’ dreams come true, now it is time for us to challenge ourselves with bigger goals and fulfill our dream.


Entering the industry in 2010, Van is now the CEO and also the lead wedding planner at The Planners. With solid experiences in planning destination weddings for over 6 years, Van is proud to be a member of Destination Wedding Planner Congress. She holds Master degree in International Marketing and Business Development in Paris, France and was professionally trained to get Executive Master certificate in Wedding Organization. Gaining her diverse living experience in Vietnam, France and Monaco, Van has been working in various roles, such as investment consultant, event coordinator; sales and marketing coordinator, etc. in different disciplines: Law, Upscale exhibition, Hospitality & Travel. For her, the term "wedding" represents not only a special life event of a person, but also a true art. With her capability to listen and realize couples' wishes for their weddings, special attention to any details to the smallest, Van is the favored contact point of any clients, especially foreign couples.

As a team leader, Van insists on building a strong team with the team spirit mindset, working closely to each other, while each personal is equally recognized and respected in the path to success of the company. Van believes that not only original and out-standing service quality but also dedicated mind and empathetic spirit will definitely make her team the best choice for couples deciding to tie the knot in Vietnam.


Linh joined The Planners right at the very peak of 2014 season, when the team was having their biggest project ever by that time. In such a great chance, Linh expressed her commendable quick adaptation to the team and the harsh working schedule at that time. Throughout our successful season in 2015, Linh has considerably contributed to the team’s achievements, she herself led quite a few projects and got very positive feedbacks from the clients.

Before joining the team, Linh had experiences working in PR & Marketing industry, where she got opportunities to gain her positive, extrovert mind & communication skills, from which she profits much in working with the clients. Now Linh has become the one of the team’s Wedding Planners, specialized for Local Service and a favorable contact for local clients in Hanoi.


Before entering The Planners team, Tho has gained diverse working experiences in Marketing through her working time at IDG Vietnam and a well-known Advertising and Media Company. Tho is now in charge of Marketing executive at The Planners. Thuong & Tho are working closely together as a small team to promote for The Planners, take advantage of each other’s strong points and knowledge in international and local market in order to conduct an effective Marketing plan.

Thanks to her before-hand experience in organizing International conferences at IDG and her interest in event, Tho totally can give the planning team a significant assistance while still complete her duty. As a book lover, Tho shows her writing skill and romantic side through blogging and posts on social network sites. Together with her team members, Tho believes that she can enjoy her youth while working and playing with all her heart.


Joining The Planners team from 2016, with her cheerfulness, humor and individuality, Quynh Anh soon gets along with other members and shows her abilities through the events she participated in. In mid-2016, she decided to have a break from work and study in Yogyakarta Indonesia with the aim of experiencing a promising gap year. It's the time Quynh Anh has become rich in knowledge of culture and art of the Southeast Asia countries.

After coming back to VietNam, Quynh Anh, along with her flexibility in language uses (English, Thai and Indonesian) and energetic personality, has shone a new light on her projects which is helping to promote the event market at The Planners. She is always ready to overcome all challenges and seek for unique ideas, not only to satisfy customers but also to reflect on herself.


Thuong is the first professionally trained wedding planner in Vietnam. Born and grew up in Hanoi, Thuong has lived in different countries where she enjoys exploring different cultures and lifestyles. Thuong is experienced and involved in organizing many high-end events for international celebrities and high profile elites, at the most desired venues in Asia such as Marina Bay Sands where she spent almost three years working closely with the company’s top executives.

Besides her full time job as a marketing manager for a technology startup in Silicon Valley, Thuong advises The Planners’ marketing activities. She contributes to The Planners team her international mindset, her experience in event planning and her expertise in marketing.