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Christine & Andrew
Destination Wedding

The Planners were absolutely THE BEST DECISION we made by far in the wedding planning process. If I could, I would recommend them to everyone, but I don’t know very many people planning their wedding in Vietnam 🙂 But if you are, book them ASAP! They are well worth it.We had quite a few calls and text conversations with Van before actually booking The Planners. Each conversation, she was so helpful even before we paid for anything. When I would bring up ideas, she was not afraid to tell me no. And would always tell me why it’s not a good idea or whatever the logistical implications might be. From that point, I knew we had to book them because they had the experience and logistical mindset that would help us through this process.We worked with them for almost exactly a year. Van, Quynh Anh, and Nhu Nhu feel like family to us now and I miss them dearly.They were always willing to help with any details and were down for any crazy ideas we had. They would work to find a way for all the special things we wanted from a day of barber for the groom to pajamas for all the guests. They were miracle workers and made our wedding the best day ever. And we are forever grateful!!

Linh & James
Destination Wedding

I worked with Quynh Anh for 11 months in preparation for my dream wedding. It felt to me that Anh was more like a maid of honour whom I entrusted my wedding with and some one who really put her heart to the job. She always has an answer for my questions and concerns, no matter how silly they are. Anh and her team (Van, Rosie, Chau) did a fantastic job on our wedding day – they ensured that I had nothing to worry about other than enjoying my special day. Thanks to you we had the best decorations, an amazing MC, extraordinary fire dancers and unbelievably good DJ!
Everything was just perfect. Words cannot describe how much our guests and us enjoyed the Saturday 3rd August 2018

Bao Vi & John
Destination Wedding

“The Planners was an absolute dream to work with. We reached out in March for our January wedding and they were so on top of communication. All our questions were answered almost instantly and choosing them was probably our best decision for the wedding! We had a pleasure working with Ha for our special event in Danang and she was more than we could ask for in a planner. She’s professional yet stays friendly. She gave recommendations to improve the guests’ experience at the wedding and we trusted her 100%. Ha is now a dear friend of ours and we couldn’t have met her through The Planners VN! If you’re looking for someone to entrust your special day to, this is the dream team you’ve been looking for!”

Quynh & Andriy
Destination Wedding

“A big thank you to The Planners for always being there for us in the last 8 months. You have been very patient and supportive to us the whole time. You never say no or impossible – that’s the most important thing to us (especially to Quynh). And the result was BEAUTIFUL, beyond words. We loved how your team turned our poor drawings like the three-gate (“no green” LOL) arch or fairy lights “room” into beautiful reality! Many of our guests told us that it was one of the most beautiful, emotional yet fun weddings they have ever been to! Let’s just say we were not the only ones who cried and laughed a lot!”


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