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Michael & Sally
Destination Wedding

It was such a dream and we loved every moment. From the expertise and professionalism of The Planners to how everything was arranged. Our guests who attended couldn’t stop raving about how beautiful everything was and it was the best wedding they had ever attended.

Thank you so much for your hard work. We couldn’t have asked more. We spent the last few days going over pictures and all of them are so beautiful and breathtaking. The day was full of love and even now, thinking about it, I still feel so emotional. Thank you for making our day special for everyone and this wedding will always be something we bring up annually to remind ourselves how much we love everyone. To me, it felt more than a wedding. It felt like a fairytale and it did look like something out of a dream. Now that we are going back to our mundane life, we have something to always look back to and cherish.

Hạnh & Đức
Ballroom Wedding

I and my husband just had THE most wonderful wedding day, and we couldn’t be happier that we’ve chosen the Planners as our planner and coordinator.

A warm Thank You to the team – Quynh Anh, Tram, Nhu, Thanh, and Viet. Everything was stunning! Many of the decor categories beat our expectation, and the decoration as a whole really represented us and respects our choice of aesthetics. The program had a thousand details with many surprises, but the team coordinated everything smoothly. Many of our guests, older generations and younglings, international and local, have commented to us that this was the most beautiful, fun, sweet, and emotional wedding that they have ever attended. I am naturally an anxious person, but on the wedding day, I didn’t worry one bit! And I know behind my carefreeness is the effort of the whole team – so I would like to once again, wholeheartedly say Thank You to everyone.

This is coming from a past bride – Prioritize getting a planner if it’s in your budget, it’s worth it! And I, for sure, would recommend The Planners, especially Quynh Anh, without a doubt.

Linh & William
Destination Wedding

Thank you all for an amazing day. Everything feels surreal and I can’t believe we did it. Everything went 1000 times above my expectations. I had so much fun and enjoyed through the whole day. For me, it was a perfect wedding. I have no complaint, everything went so smoothly that I didn’t feel any faults. With everything then I seriously mean everything.

Special thanks to;

Quyen for making everything runs smoothly. From coordinating with my father-in-law, toastmasters and the clueless me whom missed a big part of rehearsal day (i blame Linh for not picking me up). Thank you for your super hard work and making everything run smoothly from the shadows.

Tram for making perfect decorations after our tastes. I don’t normally comments about decorations, but I loved every part of it on the wedding day. It totally describes and match the personalities of William & Linh.

Sip for helping my wife and father in law. Linh has nothing but praises to you for helping her through the whole day.

Banh for ensuring the music runs perfectly. I really liked everything from background music, ceremonial, speeches, to dancing.

Duy & Tram
Destination Wedding

Did the wedding go beyond our expectation? 100% yesss. Facing crises, we were both confused, anxious and couldn’t visualize how the wedding would be. However, our wedding went so smoothly and all the guests had a great time. The wedding was so pure, joyful, cozy just as how we wanted it to be. According to the bridesmaids, “the wedding is so Zoe” without the bride Zoe having to be involved in the decorations.

In the wedding day’s morning, we just wrote our vows, practiced dancing, took care of Kimi, got ready and prepared ourselves mentally. We didn’t have to worry about the decorations, vendors or guests, and knew that behind the scenes was the effort of The Planners so that we could chill the whole morning like that.

We would like to thank the whole team. Dương rehearsed the music performances with the groom. Trâm was the bridge to all the vendors, reminded us to complete our to-do list and comforted me when I was panicking. Ms. Như continuously gave us ideas about the drinks, snacks, Kimi as the ring bearer and how to get the guests drunk. Ms. Vân was a life saver as she smoothly dealt with the venue-changing problems. And we can’t forget Mr. Linh who showed up to help in crunch time and took the striking film pictures.  Undoubtedly, The Planners made our dream wedding come to life!


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