The Planners were absolutely THE BEST DECISION we made by far in the wedding planning process. If I could, I would recommend them to everyone, but I don’t know very many people planning their wedding in Vietnam 🙂 But if you are, book them ASAP! They are well worth it. We had quite a few calls and text conversations with Van before actually booking The Planners. Each conversation, she was so helpful even before we paid for anything. When I would bring up ideas, she was not afraid to tell me no. And would always tell me why it’s not a good idea or whatever the logistical implications might be. From that point, I knew we had to book them because they had the experience and logistical mindset that would help us through this process. We worked with them for almost exactly a year. Van, Quynh Anh, and Nhu Nhu feel like family to us now and I miss them dearly. They were always willing to help with any details and were down for any crazy ideas we had. They would work to find a way for all the special things we wanted from a day of barber for the groom to pajamas for all the guests. They were miracle workers and made our wedding the best day ever. And we are forever grateful!!