Did the wedding go beyond our expectation? 100% yesss. Facing crises, we were both confused, anxious and couldn’t visualize how the wedding would be. However, our wedding went so smoothly and all the guests had a great time. The wedding was so pure, joyful, cozy just as how we wanted it to be. According to the bridesmaids, “the wedding is so Zoe” without the bride Zoe having to be involved in the decorations.

In the wedding day’s morning, we just wrote our vows, practiced dancing, took care of Kimi, got ready and prepared ourselves mentally. We didn’t have to worry about the decorations, vendors or guests, and knew that behind the scenes was the effort of The Planners so that we could chill the whole morning like that.

We would like to thank the whole team. Dương rehearsed the music performances with the groom. Trâm was the bridge to all the vendors, reminded us to complete our to-do list and comforted me when I was panicking. Ms. Như continuously gave us ideas about the drinks, snacks, Kimi as the ring bearer and how to get the guests drunk. Ms. Vân was a life saver as she smoothly dealt with the venue-changing problems. And we can’t forget Mr. Linh who showed up to help in crunch time and took the striking film pictures.  Undoubtedly, The Planners made our dream wedding come to life!