Thank you all for an amazing day. Everything feels surreal and I can’t believe we did it. Everything went 1000 times above my expectations. I had so much fun and enjoyed through the whole day. For me, it was a perfect wedding. I have no complaint, everything went so smoothly that I didn’t feel any faults. With everything then I seriously mean everything.

Special thanks to;

Quyen for making everything runs smoothly. From coordinating with my father-in-law, toastmasters and the clueless me whom missed a big part of rehearsal day (i blame Linh for not picking me up). Thank you for your super hard work and making everything run smoothly from the shadows.

Tram for making perfect decorations after our tastes. I don’t normally comments about decorations, but I loved every part of it on the wedding day. It totally describes and match the personalities of William & Linh.

Sip for helping my wife and father in law. Linh has nothing but praises to you for helping her through the whole day.

Banh for ensuring the music runs perfectly. I really liked everything from background music, ceremonial, speeches, to dancing.