I’ve followed and been a fan of The Planners closely for years. I love how all of your weddings are elegant, classy, detail-oriented and unique in their own way.

I truly admire and I’m grateful for the energy of The Planners’ hardworking wedding planners. I absolutely adore seeing Nhu painting each leaf, table number then taking care of the decor setup all day. In the heat of summer, Sam and Quyen still joyfully ran around the venue to coordinate the wedding despite being all sweaty. I love it when Quyen did the ritual praying that it wouldn’t rain (which worked!), too! Everyone on the team contributed tirelessly for this wonderful wedding, and for that I’m eternally thankful!

After the wedding, I received showers of praises from my guests. From the decor setup to the program, everything absolutely amazed them. Even my parents’ friends who had come to bigger weddings said that mine was the most meaningful they’d attended.

I’m pretty sad that the wedding is over and I no longer receive your texts everyday. Now I keep re-watching all the videos to relive those happy moments. Let’s always keep in touch!!