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Saveena & Ryan’s wedding was the very first destination wedding of The Planners that were held at Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort – one of the most luxurious resorts in Vietnam and on the world. And finally, the day came as we met Saveena and Ryan who adore the resort as much as we do.

Saveena & Ryan come from Hongkong, the country where everybody has their own standard of everything, and the standard is surely not an ordinary one.

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According to Van Nguyen – the wedding planner of this wedding, Saveena is the most determined and intelligent bride she has ever work with, partly due to her job as a sales manager in Hongkong of a very big name, but mostly because her wedding to her, as Van felt, is exactly a project of her life where she knew to the very detailed what she wanted and wished for it. This fact was actually a challenge, but at the same time a comfort to a wedding planner.

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As Saveena required very high professionalism in all the services, we suggested her to Intercontinental Peninsula Danang, one of the best resorts in the world, which by all means suited her standard the best. And the fact that Saveena also looked for someone who could bring flexibility and perfect organization, we were so proud to be her wedding planner.

8 months of planning with many ups & downs finally brought about a simple yet nearly perfect wedding day with almost no little drawbacks. The weather was very windy by the ceremony time which threatened to ruined the beautiful setup at amazing La Maison Terrace – signature venue of the resort. Fortunately, the couple emotionally exchanged their vows without any effect from the thunderstorm-forecasted weather. The couple’s vows might stay in our minds forever owing to the distinctive personalization that Saveena & Ryan had brought into their words to each other. And doubtless to mention Leanne, the elegant and feminine celebrant we worked with for the first time, with her softness and charm did bring to the ceremony so many stages of emotions.

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The story of reception dinner was about us changing to plan B due to weather issue which finally turned out to be a wise decision! The sparkling setup of fairlights, candles and flowers totally matched with the sophisticated and subtle interior of Long Bar, instead of holding everything outside at the garden and so much sandy wind blowing from the beach in a summer night.

Entertainment, that’s always our pride! This wedding is like an event of all the first times. First time with this gorgeous resort, with beautiful Leanne, and with amazing & talented Keith Marlo, the singer, saxophonist, pianist and entertainer coming from Macau who by now has never failed to surprise me, couples and the guests. Keith is wonderfully active and really knows how to cheer everybody up as the talent seems to be in his blood. All the guests and Saveena & Ryan had a perfect night in the warm and cosy atmosphere of the dinner, with much talk, singing and laughing. If you are questioning what it looks like the wedding truly for the couple, then this wedding we can proudly state is an ideal example.

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With all of our sincerity, we would love to send blessings to Saveena & Ryan, wish you two a long and loving journey ahead.
With much love,

The Planners team


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