Should We Have A First Look At Our Wedding ?

Many brides and grooms have this question while planning for the wedding. They ask us whether they should have their first look before the wedding ceremony or just keep it traditional ( the groom will only see the bride for the first time when she walks down the aisle). Well, the answer is it depends on you!. Yes, you may not expect this answer but it is. But don’t loose your patience, read our blog below to make the decision for yourself.


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To make a decision whether to have a first look or not, you should understand how it is going and the meaning of “a first look”. A first look at a wedding is an intimate moment where the bride and the groom see each other for the first time in wedding costumes before the wedding ceremony.

Before that, the bride and groom will prepare for the wedding dress and the suits privately with the assistance of friends and families or in some cases, only the bride keeps her wedding dress in secret to surprise the groom. On the wedding day, the bride and the groom will dress up in two different rooms. This even pushes their emotions to the next level when everything gets real more than ever and they are curious about how the other persion will look like in wedding dress or wedding suit.

The wedding planner will help the couple choose a private location to hold their first look. It should be a quite place with nice background so that the photographers could take some great pictures. Normally, “the first look” will be held 2 hours before the wedding ceremony when the couple is ready. It should take for about 20 – 30 minutes so that the couple will take some photos and talk to each other to relax before the wedding ceremony.


To have your private moments with your loved one without being the center of attention

We always love the first look as you can see the real emotions of the groom and the bride when there is only themselves and nobody is watching. The groom may have tears in his eyes and he is just comfortable with it. For those who want to have private moments to express your feelings without holding back anything, then taking the first look is our recommendation for you.

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Capture all these raw emotions. It is worth it !

With all the excitement and of course anxiety of preparing for the wedding, a lot of couples want to have a private emotional moment just between them and their soon to be lifetime partner before the wedding ceremony. Just only at this moment, they will share with each other their raw feelings, their thoughts and get relaxed before appearing in front of many people, doing the most important ceremony ever in their life. For some couples, the first look is really important to them because only at this moment they can celebrate their big day with each other privately, comfortably and emotionally in their own way while in the next few hours they will be surrounded by friends and families, it is fun but there is no time for personal things.

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To have great pictures

Capture all this beautiful moments is definitely something you cant miss out !. All the real emotions of the groom and the bride will be captured beautifully without disturbing from unexpected things. As the first look normally takes for 20 – 30 minutes, you can have some nice prewedding shoots. So enjoy your time and be ready for some great pictures !

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Another good thing about having the first look is that you can go enjoy cocktail hour before the wedding ceremony together and take some photos with your families and friends !

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As mentioned above, some may highly appreciate their private moments during the first look but many couples want to stick with traditions. They want to save the best till the most important moment. The bride and the groom will only see each other for the first time in wedding costumes when the bride walks down the aisle.

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It would be so emotional with the music and the witness of families and close friends. So if you feel comfortable with expressing your feeling during the ceremony then you should keep it traditional.

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Can you decide to have a first look at your wedding or not for now? If you need any further wedding planning assistant, dont hesitate to contact us The Planners at or check out our Fanpage for more infomation


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