6 Creative Wedding Entrance Ideas For Couples

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At The Planners, we always encourage couples to personalize their wedding day. Whether it is a first dance straight out of “Pulp Fiction” or a flowerless decor concept, personalizing your wedding is an excellent way to make it more meaningful to you and more memorable to your guests. And what better way to turn it into a remarkable memory than a great wedding entrance? Here is our list of creative entrance ideas and tips for both grooms and brides!

1. A dancing walk-in

For his destination wedding at InterContinental Danang, Long and his groom squad entered the ceremony with some choreographed action in the James Bond theme. They set an exciting mood from the jump, shooting bubbles from toy guns and leaving an entertaining impression on all the guests.

In #HanHieuWedding, our groom created a perpetual memory for not just his guests but also us wedding planners with his creative entrances. As a talented choreographer, Hieu involved all of his groomsmen in a captivating dancing entrance to the song “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. It immediately reminded everyone that they were indeed attending the wedding of Hieu – a super creative choreographer!

2. Wedding entrance on a jet ski

Grooms, don’t be shy to show some flair in your big day! It is literally a once-in-a-lifetime event, why not be the coolest guy ever for your entrance? Here’s a cue – jet ski!

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One of our best destination wedding moments in 2022 was Phong’s entrance on a jet ski! No one, not the guests, not the celebrant, knew where the groom was going to show up from. The moment everyone’s eyes was directed to the sea, they were absolutely thrilled seeing Phong surfing the waves on a jet ski.

This idea was also adopted by another groom of ours – Nathan. For his wedding entrance to the dreamy wedding ceremony in Phu Quoc, he fascinated everyone with his jet ski walk-in. Or shall we say ride-in?

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TIPS: Remember to take off the shoes, you wouldn’t want to mess up your wedding shoes with sea water while riding the jet ski. Prepare a small chair just right outside of the ceremony area, a towel and a bottle of water. That way, you can comfortably sit down to wash your feet, wipe them clean, put on your shoes and enter the ceremony like a boss!

3. Interact with your guests

#HanHieuWedding makes another appearance on the list as they one-upped themselves! For their re-entrance at the dinner reception, the couple performed an one-shot dance with all 40+ guests. It took a lot of practice, even hours before the wedding began, but the result was extremely worth it!

4. A beautiful tribute to your parent(s)

This is not exactly a creative wedding entrance idea, but rather a prompt to add a meaningful layer to your wedding. If you want to pay a significant tribute to your parents in your wedding, there is no better way to have them walk you down the aisle!

In 2022, The Planners hosted our first double wedding ever. The most beautiful and meaningful part, however, wasn’t the ceremony itself or the decorations. It was the moment when the father of the two brides walked both of his daughters down the aisle. Sentimental, sacred and ethereal.

The gesture of the parent handing the bride’s hand to the groom was a symbol of official recognition, trust and enormous honor for any groom to take upon.

5. Ride a bike to your wedding ceremony

Easy to do, adorable and cost-effective – riding a bicycle to the ceremony area can be a light-hearted way to arrive at your wedding. Just simply hire or ask for a bicycle, decorate it a bit to your liking. Duy delighted everyone with his entrance on this bike in his mountain wedding in Sapa!

6. A great entrance idea for motorbike-loving grooms

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We couldn’t count the number of motorbike-loving grooms on one hand and there have been several gentlemen who showed up to the wedding ceremony on these two-wheeled bad boys.

Besides the groom’s entrance on a motorbike, Norah and Edgars’ wedding had a super creative idea of his groomsmen getting security check. Check it out here!

If you need some ideas to personalize your wedding, visit our blog.


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