4 Important Factors Behind The Elegant Outdoor Wedding In Saigon

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An elegant outdoor wedding

“Elegant” is the one word most suitable to sum up this outdoor wedding in Saigon of Nguyên and Dũng. As the saying goes “It takes a lot of effort to look effortless”, behind the wonderful shots and wholesome wedding experience was a meticulous planning and creative process.

“Our Beloved Summer” is a prime example of an elegant wedding. Elegance doesn’t equal simplicity, but simplified beauty that expresses the highest aesthetic values. In a wedding, elegance can be shown in the vibe and heed to details in order to fulfill the emotional experience of attendants.

With each couple, the preferences for the concept and what goes on in the wedding are different from others. Therefore, our job as wedding planners is to be sensitive enough to create a fulfilling wedding experience for both the couples and their guest. That is no simple work, but it is what we love to do!

With Nguyên and Dũng’s outdoor wedding, 4 important factors were meticulously spent effort on: the concept, the vibe, the flow and the music. Let’s get into it!

The Concept

From the creative mind behind the wedding of Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran, Ms. Nhu Nguyen delivered another masterpiece of white elegance. Our bride Nguyên always wanted her wedding to be simplistic, elegant and natural. Hence, these are the 3 priorities for our team while creating the concept for this outdoor wedding.

In the greenery of An Lam Retreats, we created a simplistic yet elegant concept with a 4-color palette of white, grey, black and purple for the outdoor wedding ceremony. The flower decor was simplified as well with 70% of it being white flowers, arranged in clusters to maintain a “pure white” concept. While it felt monochromatic, each decorative element was put together purposefully to optimize its visual value and fit right in the overall ambience.

For the dinner reception, the indoor space was decorated with a cozier palette and candles to create a warm ambience.

The Flow

To respond to the request of “making a wedding which everyone can enjoy” from Nguyên and Dũng, The Planners designed a ultra-detailed program rundown to make sure every moment reached its fullest potency emotionally. All elements of the wedding, no matter how small, were deliberately arranged to serve this purpose.

A special seating chart was made to get the guests tipsy from the jump. In addition to that,, two separate bars were constructed; one for the banquet team to serve welcome drinks (juice and non-alcoholics), one for the private bartenders to serve alcoholic drinks. It could be said that the drinks played the most vital role in setting the mood throughout this outdoor wedding, as the groom Dũng’s goal was to “get everyone drunk”.

A multitude of different alcohols were served in each stages during the wedding, and each drinks were specifically arranged for that exact moment.

Laced between the highs and laughters were the emotional moments and speeches that brought everyone to tears. Seeing the guests sharing the laughs and tears with Nguyên and Dũng was our proudest achievement from this wedding.

The Vibe

Splendid but not pretentious, jubilant yet profound – despite its fancy concept, this outdoor wedding still possessed such an intimate and homey vibe.

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The guest list consisted of the bride and groom’s families and closest friends, therefore, their utmost goal is to deliver the sweetest and most memorable experience to them.

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There was a hilarious check-in booth where guests would pick a random pose and had it taken. The photos would then be sticked in the memory notebook with wishes for the bride and groom.

The Music

Along with the drinks, music played an essential role in creating and elevating the mood for this outdoor wedding. We hired a live band of professional musicians to play the couple’s favorite songs during each key moment such as the walk-in & walk-out, guest-welcoming, dinner and after party. The band, pianist, guitarist, vocalist and DJ undoubtedly nailed it!

After the outdoor wedding ceremony, there was a spontaneous “live show” hosted by none other than the bride and groom’s friends. That friendliness and homeliness generated such an intimate atmosphere in which everyone enjoyed and felt connected.

“Our Beloved Summer”, the outdoor wedding in Saigon of Nguyên and Dũng, was one of our biggest projects in 2022. There was no shortage of elegance, emotions and beautiful moments that we will remember forever!

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