8 Ways You Will Fall In Love With Danang

Dubbed “The best city to live in Vietnam”, Danang absolutely lives up to its title. This lovely coastal city is truly a full package with scenic beaches, world-famous tourist attractions, mouthwatering cuisine and hospitable local people. For these reasons, Danang has also been known as the most ideal choice for destination weddings in Vietnam.

Danang is The Planners’ second home as we have made countless destination weddings and beautiful memories here. For the 5-year anniversary of The Planners Danang, we would like to share with you 8 ways you can fall in love with Danang. You will undoubtedly see why we love this city so wholeheartedly and it is an amazing landing place for destination weddings for couples from inside and outside of Vietnam.

1. Delicious cuisine

One of the most captivating charms of Danang is definitely its tasty cuisine. For food lovers, Danang is a paradise of endless must-try flavors. Mi Quang, banh canh, banh xeo nem lui, banh trang, bun thit nuong, bun hai san, banh bot loc,… are among the most popular dishes for tourists coming here.

2. Gorgeous beaches

It is not for no reason that Danang was voted one of the most travel-worthy destinations on Google in recent years and its beautiful beaches play a large role. There are various options for you as each beach has a distinctive charm:

bai tam bien my khe da nang 1 - The Planners

My Khe beach

My Khe beach was voted as a top 25 beach in Asia in 2021, as well as one of the most charming beaches in the world by Forbes

Lang Co beach

Lang Co beach, lying in the Lang Co Bay, is a rising member of the top 30 beaches club and one of the most magnificent in the world.

lang co beach - The Planners
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Bac My An beach

For sunset lovers, Bac My An beach has the best sunset view in Danang, hands down!

Non Nuoc beach

Located at the foot of Marble Mountain, Non Nuoc is an absolutely gorgeous beach and voted as one of the 6 best beaches in the world by Forbes.

Bãi biển Non Nước2 1 - The Planners

Honorable mentions: Nam O beach with unique coral reefs, An Bang beach – the charm of Hoi An and more. For couples looking for a beach venue, Danang surely offers a wide array of ideal options with its diversely beautiful beaches! Additionally, there are several by-the-beach, world-class luxury resorts in Danang if you wish to spend a more premium vacation, wedding weekend or honeymoon here. You can learn more about some of them in our previous blog: https://theplannersvn.com/5-best-resorts-for-beach-weddings-in-vietnam/

3. Pleasant weather

Danang lies in the monsoon climate with the average temperature of 25,6ºC. There are 2 distinct seasons in Danang – the dry season from January to July and the rain season from August to December. Generally, the weather in Danang is pleasant all year round without any extremely hot (or cold) period. You can always enjoy the subtropical weather with bright sunlight, which would also be ideal for destination weddings.

4. The lovely people of Danang

When you come to Danang, you will undoubtedly be charmed by its friendly people. They are always hospitable, honest and delightful, hence the genuinely lovable tourism services in the city. The smiles and sincerity of Danang people will definitely make you want to stay there a little bit longer.

5. A balanced and chill lifestyle

Although Danang is a big and modern city, it still retains the traditional and soulful features. Danang people are hardworking but never rushing, therefore you can always feel a chill and laid back vibe while staying there. Where else can you find such lovely, diligent peoples but still enjoy life to the fullest like in Danang?

6. Quickly integrated but never loses its core values

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Danang has one of the fastest development rate in the whole country with its tourism significantly blooming in the last 8-10 years. Despite the increasing popularity as the number 1 tourism center in Vietnam, the city never seem to lose its core values and traditions.

The city of Danang actively honors the historical sites, traditional heritages and art forms such as Tuong art, Middle Vietnam choi card, Cau Ngu festival, Non Nuoc stone crafts village,… Danang’s tradtional allures are not just appreciated by its own people but also tourists coming to this beautiful city.

7. Reasonable expense

Playing a big part in making Danang such a live-worthy city is its moderate expense. From accommodations to food and entertainment, the expense for travelers in Danang is pretty reasonable and you will rarely come to any service where they exaggerate the prices for tourists.

Furthermore, if you love the South East Asia beach vibes for your wedding, the expenses to hold it in Danang are considerably lower than in Bali or Phuket.

E25A2251 scaled - The Planners

8. Countless tourist attractions

The number one tourism center of Vietnam does live up to expectations. Never a dull moment in Danang – there are too many unique and magnificent places to list out, so we will highlight our top 5 picks to visit here.

Ba Na Hills

Extremely Instagrammable and full of wondrous attractions, Ba Na Hills has become a must-visit destination when you come to Danang.

Hoi An ancient town

Located 30km away to the south of Danang’s downtown, Hoi An is a world-famous destination with long-lasting charms. Tourists from all over the world are captivated by Hoi An’s timeless architectures, arts, cuisine and signature laid-back vibes. Imagine cruising on Hoi An river and watching lanterns with your loved ones!

Marble Mountain

The Marble Mountain comprises of 5 different mountains named after 5 natural elements with magnificent cliffs, mysterious caves and sacred temples compounds.

Cu Lao Cham island

We just can’t exclude Cu Lao Cham – the tropical paradise near Danang. The best time to come here is between March and August when the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities like swimming, scuba diving, fishing or visiting historical sites.

My Son Sanctuary

Last but not least, travel through time to the Cham Pa Kingdom in My Son Sanctuary, where the sacred relics will definitely enchant you. Recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1999, My Son Sanctuary was a Hinduism center in South East Asia with various dazzling artistic architectures, which will help you visualize the life of Cham Pa people in their golden days.

Danang – our second home

There are so much more to love about Danang, but you should experience them yourself. To The Planners, Danang is our second home and we are extremely grateful for the opportunities it has given us. Check out our small tribute video to this beloved city: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWURMqDFDac

Looking for professional and experienced wedding planners for your dream wedding in Danang? Contact us now!


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