Behind The Wedding Of Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran

Hundreds of hours of online meetings until midnight everyday, a staff crew consisted of 100+ people, countless planning adjustments, all in a span of more than one month with the highest requirements for creativity and confidentiality… Looking back, we don’t think even these crazy numbers could grasp the amount of work put in one of our most memorable destination weddings ever – the wedding of Ngo Thanh Van & Huy Tran. There had never been a project which required 4 planners to participate in 100% of the planning process. Was it intense and overwhelming? Undoubtedly. But was it worth every second of work? Absolutely.
Van and Huy’s wedding

I. The Planning Process Of Ngo Thanh Van’s Wedding

The overall concept

From the beginning of this massive project, our project leader Nhu Nguyen had envisioned exactly what she wanted to create for this wedding. The initial step was to construct a foundational concept for the whole event, and in this case “Elegant White” was chosen. Why white? Because it is the cliché for any movie-like wedding? The answer lied deeper when we had taken a closer look into the very personality of our bride.

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Everything from the overall concept to the littlest of detail would come from the spirit of Ngo Thanh Van herself. The primary colors for this concept included white, beige and gray, a palette that embraced everything about who Ngo Thanh Van is – a pure, modest and warm woman. For her, the color of white is the basis of life, symbolizing sincerity and gracefulness. Applied in a wedding, white is the best choice to express the truest, most complete and unceasing love.

Moreover, the wedding would be held at one of the most prestigious luxury resorts in the world – InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, therefore an elegant palette would definitely be a perfect fit for such a classy venue.

For the flowers; baby’s breath played the main role, followed by tulip, phalaenopsis orchid, white hydrangea and especially the beautiful wild flower which shares the name with our bride – Veronica flower. All these flowers were chosen by planner Nhu during the moodboard-creating process so that the florist team could express her ideas to the fullest.

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The Stationery

The first disclosed element of this wedding was the one-of-a-kind stationery whose materials were pointed by Ngo Thanh Van herself. The invitation card was put neatly in a transparent box filled with flowers, made from a special material which reflected a pearl-like reflection.

The logo for the wedding with the couple’s initials on it was specially designed without using an existing font in order to guarantee the event’s uniqueness, as well as expressing Huy and Van’s personalities – elegant, graceful but strong-willed.

The whole process of designing the logo, name tags, wedding program timeline had to be completed in a mere period of one week, so needless to say, our planners and other production units worked at 200% of their power.

In addition, Van and Huy wanted the best experience for their guests. The wedding gift bag included essential and personal gifts such as complements, health products, signed magazines and instant noodles – Van and Huy’s favorite snack, as they wanted their guests to have a meal that was easy to cook and enjoy at the night before the wedding. The cocktail bar had both alcohol and non-alcohol drinks to serve elders and kids as well.

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II. The D-Day

The job seemed to only have started when the big day came. For 72 hours, The Planners team played the coordinator role, managing an all-star lineup of 100-person crew which consisted of the best units in their business – Moc Nguyen Production, Liti Florist, 300+ personnels from InterContinental Danang and more.

For 3 whole days, all the teams worked continuously and tirelessly to make the wedding to perfection. The 5 planners from our team attended and coordinated in every phase and field: AV system, music band, flower arrangements, construction setup of the wedding stage, dance floor, guest platform, etc. The bride and groom didn’t rehearse for the wedding but our team still thoroughly prepared for the key persons and vendors so that the ceremony would go smoothly.

However, there was one fatal factor that enormously affected our work – the weather. It rained that whole wedding weekend, and for an outdoor destination wedding, this was quite literally the worst tragedy that could possibly happen. Every preparation process was delayed, challenged and changed every 5 minutes. “We cried watching rain drops hours before the ceremony” – our planners shared. The rain went on, then stopped, then continued,… as if it was playing with our feelings.

Nonetheless, an actual miracle occurred – the moment when Ngo Thanh Van walked into the aisle, the rain stopped and the sun shined so brightly. Our team shedded tears as the bride walked in so beautifully, gorgeously to the music performed by 365daband under a miraculously sunny sky. It truly felt magical!

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Normally, The Planners have a plan B, plan C for every wedding, but the list of backup plans for this one really went to Z. The crew had to adapt to weather, program/timeline changes, or even the emotional flow of the couple and their guests during the ceremony and after-party. It was hectic, chaotic and brought out the absolute best of our abilities.

Behind the countless unforgettable moments, beautiful memories and dashing images of the wedding of Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran were hundreds of personnels putting in their maximum effort. Nonetheless, the result was so resounding and rewarding that we almost forgot about all the fatigue. It was a massive project, an emotional and memorable experience, a successful event, and most importantly, a super duper happy wedding for Van & Huy.

“First of all, thank you, my girls from The Planners

My “generals” are so beautiful and talented. I will always remember our 6-hour meetings and how you handled every little thing for my wedding, from the small candies to construction setups. You girls even poached the beach in the rain so that we would have a wedding stage as beautiful as in movies. Without you, we would never have had such an wondrous wedding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love love!” – Ngo Thanh Van.

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