How A Traditional Engagement Is Held In Vietnam

Ask for the bride Ceremony ( Lễ ăn hỏi) is traditional ceremony which could be considered a betrothal in Vietnam that should be hold before the wedding. Have been maintained constantly over hundreds of years, the ceremony is a must stage in every traditional wedding in Vietnam

Both families will choose a good day to hold this ceremony at the bride’s house.The time is chosen very carefully based on the propitious time and day of lunar calendar. Each family, then, chooses a representative. This person is a member of the family which has a happy life and a high ranking position in the family. They will prepare a speech to talk infront of two families.

CB9 9111 - The Planners
Unmarried mans and womans are chosen to be the tray beholders

Before coming to the bride’s house on the betrothal day, the groom’s family will prepare gifts. Traditionally the gifts was placed a number of trays. The number must be an odd number 5, 7 or 9… trays depends on the condition of the fiancé family. The tray will be covered with red silk.

Vietnamese believe that the red color and the odd numbers are sign of luck which is important for a happy wedding. Depending on the number of trays, each family will choose 5, 7 or 9 young and married boys and girls to bring and receive the gifts.

CB9 9138 - The Planners
Young and unmarried boys and girls bring and receive the gifts
CB9 9142 - The Planners
The groom’s family will be greeted warmly by the family of the bride.

On the Vietnamese engagement day, the groom’s family along with these young people will bring the gifts to the bride’s house. They will be received a warm welcome from the bride’s family. On this day. the house of the bride will be decorated beautifully. Still, red is one of the main color that is chosen in the decoration for the day.

After receiving the gifts, the young couple prays in front of the fiancée’s family altar to ask for approval of fiancée ancestors. When this ritual finishes, the couple are officially known as fianceé and fiancé.

FZN 1658 - The Planners
Decoration at the bride’s house planned by The Planners
FZN 2078 - The Planners
FZN 2166 - The Planners
The engagement day is alo a chance for two families to sit down and get to know each other better before the wedding day
CB9 9257 - The Planners
139330 12 - The Planners
The couple are officially fianceé and fiances after the “Ask for the bride” Ceremony

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