Castle On The Hill

TMate.14 03 2021.PSC .TA .Trang 845 scaled - The Planners

Trang and Tuấn Anh’s wedding took place on a beautiful day when the fresh breath of spring was upon Hanoi. A Home Wedding During the years of the pandemic, people had leaned to the option of home weddings. Trang and Tuan Anh had caught that trend, so instead of a traditional ballroom wedding, they picked […]

Pink Almond Blossom

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Pink Almond Blossom Our sweet bride – Diep loves the painting “Almond Blossom” but she also loves pink. For that, we added a little fun twist to the painting :turning it into a Pink Almon Blossom! We love the fresh, sweet, charming vibe that pink brings to this ceremony. Sweet as a candy You can […]

La Vibrante Hanoi

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LA VIBRANTE HANOI Inspired by Hanoi’s old vibe, we created a vibrant, oriental concept for the engagement ceremony of Mai & Tuan. We played with different flowers in hot tone colors, adding some fun with kumquat and made bright, delightful flower arrangements. Love to see how happy and satisfied the couple and their families are […]

The Red Abstract

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THE WEDDING CONCEPT Inspired by art works of contemporary artists, The Abstract Red is our new experiment in implementing unusual elements into a wedding. The wedding has a minimal style that is influenced by abstract paintings and art installation. ART INSTALLATION The ceremony backdrop was inspired by white abstract paintings of Jason Martin while The […]

The Blooming Garden

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The Couple Quynh Anh & Ha are lucky to find out that the love of their life is just living next door. On one fine morning, Quynh Anh opened her window and looked over, her groom was waiting for her from the other window. The Wedding Concept Their wedding some how reflects exactly their love […]

Eternal Red

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Vietnamese Traditional Wedding Ceremony Eternal Red is a vibrant Vietnamese traditional engagement ceremony that we are very fond of. You could easily tell why we named it Eternal Red since Red is the primary color of the color palette in this ceremony. Red is the color of luck according to Vietnam’s custom. It represents for […]

Spring Garden

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Indoor Wedding or Outdoor Wedding Some future brides and grooms during their planning process may wonder that indoor wedding or outdoor wedding, which one is better. Well, the answer lies in your budget, number of guests and the availability of venues. We tend to advise our clients to consider reality over dreams when it comes […]

Elegant Rustic Wedding in Hanoi

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The Concept Our February was a bliss thanks to this lovely couple. Their intimate wedding was one the delightful events that we held in this Spring. We call it Elegant Rustic Wedding as the decor was developed based on one simple request: something natural, cosy and charming. The color palette is a nice harmony of […]

Coral Sunset Wedding

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Their Story Our first impression about Ngoc Anh & Minh is that they are such a lovely couple, like they were born for each other. They all live in Hanoi and have been friends for so long before falling in love with each other. Each has spent their time discovering the world, meet many people, […]

A Purple Galaxy Night in Hanoi

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The Wedding Concept Ly – our bride made an impression of a wild and free spirit. She loves traveling, keen on trying new things and a hopeless romantic girl. Ly has a big love for purple – a strong color that represents for romance and love. And that is for sure why there is no […]