On The Field Of Love

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There were laughters and tears, there were romantic moments and moving speeches,… The wedding of Hanh anh Minh was a such wholesome, emotional experience for the couple and everyone attending. The First Look Hanh and Minh’s first look has gotta be our favorite moment from this wedding. The anxious face of our great-looking groom, the […]

Summer In Sicily

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A wedding whose concept is inspired by a meaningful location to the couple is always an interesting idea. For Jessie & Dat, the island of Sicily, Italy holds a special place in their hearts. Therefore, The Planners brought Sicily to their wedding! The charming features of the Mediterranean island was outstandingly put on display, such […]

La Grandeur De L’Amour

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At the beginning of 2022, the Planners had the opportunity to organize traditional ceremonies and the wedding for Minh and Linh, with each of event having a totally different style and concept. It was such a hectic span but nevertheless memorable to the couple and our team as well. The common theme for all 3 […]

Love In Full Bloom

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If spring were colors, it would definitely be red and pink. The spring wedding of Trang and Tien was such a wondrous and romantic day that we would never forget. The Spring Garden Concept We had so much fun creating the concept for this wedding. The wedding took place in the beginning of 2021, so […]

Elegant Breeze

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After getting married in the U.S in 2019, Hannah and Ryan decided to return to Vietnam for a cozy wedding alongside the bride’s family. Both of them are busy and successful businesspeople in America but the idea of a traditional wedding in Hannah’s home country has long been their wish. The warm ceremony, attended by […]

A Romantic Sunday

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After 10 years of love with 7 of them being long-distant, how fateful it was that Thang & Duong’s 10-year anniversary was their delightful wedding “Romantic Sunday” – named after the song they both love. We love Thang and Duong’s style, swagger and how they knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding day. Their […]

Castle On The Hill

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Trang and Tuấn Anh’s wedding took place on a beautiful day when the fresh breath of spring was upon Hanoi. A Home Wedding During the years of the pandemic, people had leaned to the option of home weddings. Trang and Tuan Anh had caught that trend, so instead of a traditional ballroom wedding, they picked […]

Pink Almond Blossom

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Pink Almond Blossom Our sweet bride – Diep loves the painting “Almond Blossom” but she also loves pink. For that, we added a little fun twist to the painting :turning it into a Pink Almon Blossom! We love the fresh, sweet, charming vibe that pink brings to this ceremony. Sweet as a candy You can […]

La Vibrante Hanoi

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LA VIBRANTE HANOI Inspired by Hanoi’s old vibe, we created a vibrant, oriental concept for the engagement ceremony of Mai & Tuan. We played with different flowers in hot tone colors, adding some fun with kumquat and made bright, delightful flower arrangements. Love to see how happy and satisfied the couple and their families are […]

The Red Abstract

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THE WEDDING CONCEPT Inspired by art works of contemporary artists, The Abstract Red is our new experiment in implementing unusual elements into a wedding. The wedding has a minimal style that is influenced by abstract paintings and art installation. ART INSTALLATION The ceremony backdrop was inspired by white abstract paintings of Jason Martin while The […]