Blazing, booming, shining

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Marking our first return to Nha Trang in 2 years, The Planners had the opportunity to make a radiant beach wedding for the couple Linh & Johan. “When you meet the right person, youth begins” The bride Linh is a confident, electrifying woman with a distinctive taste in fashion and lifestyle. Inspired by her lively […]

Crystal Blue

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Christine and Andrew’s wedding day was windy but the clear sky and pleasant weather seemed to grant the couple’s wish for a beautiful beach wedding in Nha Trang. While Christine was getting ready and sipping champagne with her best friends, Andrew had his hair cut right before the ceremonious moment, assisted by his brotherly groomsmen. […]

The Tropical Beach Wedding in Nha Trang

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The Couple ​Lena & Daniel are a couple coming from Sweden. The bride Lena has her root in Vietnam as her parents are Vietnamese. ​For that reason, the couple wanted to come back to Vietnam to have their love celebration in Lena’s hometown. The Bride Lena has this modern asian beauty with black hair and […]

Linh & Michael – Beach Wedding in Nha Trang

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Each person may have different vision about their wedding but all of them wants to make sure that everything turns out as great as they imagine it to be. Sometimes we think that the wedding planner is like a genie. They listen to the couple’s wishes but they will not do exactly what they have […]

Julie & Danny

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A come-back of bythuongtran in destination projects. From the beginning ceremony until the ending late-night party, the wedding was a sweet and fabulous celebration fully enjoyed by the couple, families & friends, all coming from Australia. The third time we went back to Nhatrang for a destination wedding, we have to say the city is […]