Wedding Invitations And Stationery Ideas

Having spent hours on finding wedding invitation designs and still, you havent found your favourite one ?  Let take a look at some of our suggestions on choosing the design for your wedding invitation and stationery.

Instead of looking for any wedding invitation design, the first thing you should do before jumping in pinterest is to narrow down some of the main characteristics or the things that you want to desmontrate the most in the design. Here are some of few significant features that you may want to select when choosing the design of your wedding invitation.

– The main colour of the design can be in the same range of  the main colours of your wedding decoration, For example, it can be the same or one or two shades lighter or darker than the main colour that will be used in the wedding decoration.

– Following the concept of the wedding is also the best way to create a perfect look for your wedding invitation and even the stationery.

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Pick out one or two colours from your wedding colour palette and use it for the wedding invitation 

If you are about to throw a beach wedding, why dont you bring some beach vibe to your wedding invitation.

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Tropical theme and vibrant colours are suitable for wedding in summer or wedding by the beach
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A Wedding stationery for autumn wedding
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For autumn wedding, you can use warm colour like yellow, orange, clementine, etc.

If you have a winter wedding, you may want to use colours like dark blue, navy, burgundy or gold as the main colours.

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77830c906d8f04b66b5833fc57afaff4 - The Planners

A christmas themed wedding invitation

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A spring wedding? Why dont you use some bright and warm colours such as dusty pink, pink, rose gold, baby blue

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Still havent had any idea for your wedding invitation? Dont hestitate to contact The Planners – as a wedding planner we will help you from A to Z to create a perfect wedding!

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