Harmony & Hoang

Hamony Hoang0322 - The Planners

On our first site inspection at Intercontinental Danang Resort, we were all impressed by the White Hall – an absolutely amazing art piece by Bill Bensley. And on the second time coming back to this luxury resort, we got a chance to hold a fun, modern wedding in the White Hall.

Botanical Wedding

Kelly Kenny Dà Nẵng destination wedding intimate wedding at Nam An Retreat 7R32062andrewnguyenwedding1 1 - The Planners

The Concept Kelly – the bride had a vision of a greenery wedding. She is not that fond of a floral wedding and we are totally up for her idea.A lot of people have this misunderstanding that foliage is more affordable than flowers so a green wedding can be considered as a low budget wedding. […]

Hiền & Minh – Love Rain

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There are some decisions that determine your life. Giving your phone number to the right person is definitely one of them! And Hien – our bride has made one of the best decisions in her life so far.“Giving you my phone number at the middle of the dining hall 7 years ago is one of […]

Uyên & Tâm

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Uyen & Tam was the youngest couple of The Planners in 2018. They came to us with an aim of finding the wedding planner for their intimate beach wedding. Since they both live in Danang so the venue of the wedding is nowhere else but one of the best beaches in their hometown. The couple […]

Mỹ Lưu & Phillip Nguyễn

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Phillip and My knew us from Angela & Guyver’s Wedding in Ho Chi Minh city in 2015. Ever since then, they were so sure that The Planners would be their wedding planner to make their dream wedding come true. The couple are living mainly in Ho Chi Minh city but they wanted to have an […]

Saveena & Ryan

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Saveena & Ryan’s wedding was the very first destination wedding of The Planners that were held at Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort – one of the most luxurious resorts in Vietnam and on the world. And finally, the day came as we met Saveena and Ryan who adore the resort as much as we do. […]